As a registered charity Kings Worthy Pre-school is managed by a committee who oversee the running of the setting and are responsible for:

The committee is made up of parents, elected by the parents of the children who attend the setting, and members of the local community.  The elections take place at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The AGM is open to the parents of all the children who attend the pre-school.  It is our shared forum for looking back over the previous year’s activities and shaping the coming year's plan.


Chair Jackie Porter

Secretary Joanne Meharg

Treasurer Martin Geoff

Trustees    Helen Smith, Joanne Sillitoe, Kelly Valentine, Mari Clifton, Jill Prince, 

Jess Hancock

If you are interested in joining the committee or have any other queries, please contact the Chairman, Jackie Porter, by telephone 01962 791054, text 07973 696085 or email